Getting To Know The Townsend’s


Hey Friends!

Welcome to The Townsend Family!! My name is Cynthia and that handsome man you see in the photo above is my husband Phillip. We are the proud parents to a sweet 50 pound lab/pit mix name Lilly and our sweet daughter Penelope. We are pretty much your typical young couple: we both work, we like hiking and exploring Nashville on our weekends, and we enjoy traveling to places we’ve never been. Phillip and I met over a dating site. We were both pretty unusual for people our age at the time as neither of us really enjoyed the party scene and we both worked crazy hours. After some major internet dating fails we somehow found each other. 2 years later we were married and the rest is history!

10 Fun Facts About Cynthia:

– Loves coffee! Not really the Starbucks sugar drinks. Straight-up black coffee

-Is an Alabama Roll Tide fan through and through

-Can’t stay up past 10 o’clock and most nights doesn’t even make it to 10. Not a night person

-Loves all things fitness! Currently lifts weights and does boxing

-Has a Bachlor of Graphic Arts in Photography and Videography

-Is obsessed with the shows FRIENDS and Gilmore Girls

-Became vegetarian at age 6 and vegan at age 21

-Is only 5’1

-When Phillip first tried to kiss her, she thought he was going in for a hug. This led to a pretty awkard moment that they both still laugh about to this day

-Loves to dance when no one is watching


10 Fun Facts About Phillip

-Is obsessed with airplanes

-A master of all random trivia

-Has a Bachlors of Arts Degree in History

-Is also an Alabama Roll Tide fan through and through

– Is 6’2. He towers over Cynthia

-Loves music from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

-Is learning to read French

-Has driven across the country

-2nd amendment enthusiast

-Favorite author is G.K. Chesterton


10 Fun Facts About Lilly

-Her full name is Lilly Pad Townsend

-She was named after Lilly Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother

-Her nickname is “LP”

-She loves to lick to the point were it’s kind of rude

-Kids are her favorite (mainly because they will let her lick them as much as she wants)

-Even though she is 50 pounds, she thinks she is a lap dog

-Snuggling is her favorite thing in the world

-She loves to go on long hikes

-She will distroy any toy in a matter of minutes

-Hates bath time, but loves lakes and streams

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