Our Favorite Family Fall Activities

Hey friends! We have finally reached the middle of September and October is quickly approaching. I’m not sure about you, but fall is my favorite season of all. It tends not to last too long here in the South, but it is nice while it lasts. For fall our family loves to enjoy many different activities and it’s been especially fun doing these things with our child. So we have made a fall must-do list and I thought I would share it below and talk a bit about each item.

  1. Checking out fall books from our local library. My family is huge on books. My husband and daughter, Penelope, spend most of their free time reading. So we try to introduce new books to Penelope as much as possible. One way that we do that is to visit the library near us and check out books that are specific to the subject matter at hand. So this past Saturday we did just that. We spent the whole morning at the library and came home with a ton of books that talk all about the season of fall.
  2. Fall related crafts. This is an activity I personally love. I worked in child care in some form for about 7-8 years. I have such a heart for toddler crafts. So each Friday of October Penelope and I will create a fall craft that will be hung around the house as decor for the month of October.
  3. Apple Picking. This is something that I wanted to start doing for the longest, but we never did until last year when we were looking for fall activities to do with our daughter. We usually go either the first or second weekend in October to a place called Jackson’s Orchard up in Kentucky. We absolutely had a blast last year and it is now a new family tradition for us.
  4. Fall Baking. You really can’t have fall with out baking. Plus what else are you going to do with all the apples from your fun activity above? Fall baking can be anything from apple pie, pumpkin bread, etc. I love to get Penelope involved in this activity to inspire her love for cooking. Penelope loves making special treats for daddy.
  5. Pumpkin Patch. This activity is probably pretty obvious, but I wanted to tell you about the particular patch that we love to go to. We go to Lucky Ladd Farms in Eagleville, Tennessee. We tend to try to do this in the second half of October so that hopefully we will have cooler weather by then. We also try to make this a big family event and invite the grandparents along to enjoy some family bonding time. This particular farm is huge and last year we didn’t even make it to everything. Be prepared to spend the entire day here and don’t forget to grab a pumpkin!
  6. Carving or Pumpkin Painting. Penelope will only be 22 months old at the end of October so we are still very much in the painting a pumpkin phase. She has a blast getting super messy while enjoying painting.
  7. Fall/Halloween Movies. Some of our favorites include The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Hocus Pocus. What are some of your favorites? Comment below and let us know!
  8. Leaf Hunting. So this is a brand new activity that I am going to do with my daughter this year. She loves to collect leaves and rocks outside so I thought this would be perfect. We will start by coloring pictures of leaves, a red one, yellow one, orange one, and brown one. Then we will cut those out and attach them to a paper bag. Next we will go out and collect as many leaves as we can. Lastly we will come back and divide those into certain bags by color. This activity is a great way to get kids outdoors and running around while also teaching them about colors and talking about the cycle of trees.
  9. Trick-or-Treating. This is a must for the month of October and I have even wrote a blog about how we handle this holiday as vegans. Last year Penelope was a dinosaur and this year she is going to be an owl. She’s already practicing her whoos for the big day. (Husband Note: We will actually be able to do this twice this year, once at a Trunk-or-Treat at our church and another time in Penelope’s grandparent’s neighborhood. More candy for non-vegan Daddy!)
  10. Roasting S’mores and Drinking Hot Chocolate. Last but not least there is nothing better then enjoying s’mores and hot chocolate on a cold fall night. By the way there are vegan marshmallows and chocolate so make those s’mores vegan!

So these are ten of our favorite fall activities that we are planning to do in the month of October this year. What are some of your favorites? We love fall and would love some new ideas. Happy fall to everyone!

Baby Dust To All,


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