What My Vegan 1 Year Old Ate In A Day

Hey friends! How is everyone doing? Today I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about what my newly one-year-old eats in a day with a vegan diet. So I tracked what she ate on Sunday January 20th, 2019. So just for some backstory Sundays tend to be a bit crazy for us. It’s the one day a week where Penelope’s schedule gets off track a bit. We have mass in the morning that tends to be right in the middle of her morning nap and then I work off-hours that day from around noon until six or seven at night. So the times below might be a bit weird, but you will still get the general idea of it. Also I don’t typically keep track of how much she eats. I just make a meal and offer it to her and she chooses how much of each item she eats. We also don’t make special meals for her. She gets offered whatever we are eating. So while we may all have different topping on our oatmeal, we are all eating oatmeal. As with most kids what she eats and how much of it will vary from day to day.

So what did my vegan one-year-old eat on Sunday?

6:30am Penelope woke up and the first thing she always asks for is her milkies. So we nursed.

7am Breakfast- We as a family usually have some type of oatmeal pretty much every single morning. Penelope’s oatmeal consisted of coconut milk, oats, and peanut butter (I use a kind that is only peanuts and salt, with no added oil). I also made her a smoothie that had cashew milk, spinach, coconut milk yogurt, one banana, and blueberries.

***She drinks on this smoothie throughout the entire day.

8:25am Penelope wanted milkies again so we nursed.

***You will noticed that if I am home she is nursed on demand. She knows the sign language for milk and will come up to me and do it when she wants to nurse. She will nurse anywhere from 4-15 minutes each time she asks.

9:07am She onced again wanted milkies so we nursed.

10:14am Nursed again.

***We noticed that day that she had at least three teeth just pop through. So I am thinking that is why she is nursing so much lately. Also I believe she is going through a phase where she just wants to be close to mom and nursing is a way for her to do that. I’m totally fine with it and I soak up every opportunity I can get!

(Napped from 11:40ish until 1:40ish)

2pm Bottle of breast milk.

2:30pm Lunch: Brown rice, peas, edamame, and broccoli with a sauce made from peanut butter, coconut aminos, lime juice, maple syrup, and water. She also had more smoothie.

5pm Bottle of breast milk

6:36pm Nursed

7pm Dinner: Lentil Nut “Meat” Loaf (reciepe from Minimalist Baker), mashed potatoes, and green beans. She also had more smoothie

8pm Nursed.

So that’s everything she ate on that particular day. She is still very much getting the bulk of her calories from breast milk and that’s totally fine at this age. We do offer three meals a day now and breakfast is probably her favorite. The girl can down some oatmeal and usually will also eat an entire banana. We didn’t have any bananas on this day, though.

What does your toddler eat during the course of a day? I’d love to know!!

Baby Dust To All,


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