10 Things You Didn’t Know

Hey friends! So before we get started I have some business to take care of. So I am going to be changing my schedule a bit for when the blog posts go out. I was aiming for every other Monday, however those Mondays were falling on the days that Phillip worked. Because he is my editor it was causing lots of problems with me being able to get the blogs out on time. So I will still be doing every other week, but it will start with this post which will come out on the 20th and the next one on September 3 and so on and so forth. He is off every other Monday so it makes more sense that I post on the days he is off. We are getting very close to my favorite time of the year so there will be lots of fun things to come on the blog.

Today I thought it would be fun to do a post about 10 random things you may not know about me. My husband (editor) decided to put in some notes while editing called “Husband note”. Try not to laugh. I dare you.

  1. I love dad jokes. The cheesier the better! Just ask my husband how it is when I come up with jokes. Just the other day we were reading a kids book to our daughter and the panda’s name in the book is Yuan. It talks about how he couldn’t get to sleep and I said “if Yuan would yawn then maybe he would fall asleep”. I lost it laughing so hard that I was crying while my husband just looked at me like I was crazy. These jokes just make my day. (Husband note: I have actually started making corny “dad jokes,” which I don’t really find that funny, simply to watch Cynthia laugh at them!)
  2. If you haven’t noticed this one yet, then you won’t be able to unsee it now. I tend to mouth the words as someone is talking to me. Apparently I think if I mouth it then my brain somehow is able to process it better. The funny part about this is that I don’t know when it’s happening. I can’t feel my mouth move! (Husband note: This is primarily something she does when she’s really trying to concentrate. So its really funny watching her talk to doctors, mortgage brokers, government officials, etc when she is mouthing their words back to them as they talk.)
  3. I broke my nose in high school and now have a crooked nose. This actually caused lots of problems during my pregnancy that led to daily nosebleeds. Here’s the story of how I broke my nose. In high school I was part of the color guard. Not the ROTC type of color guard, but the color guard who preformed with the band during half time at football games. We were particing one summer outside during band camp. I believe it was either my first or second year. It was windy and we were learning how to do tosses with the flag. You probably know where this is heading. Anyways I tossed my flag up, the wind caught it, and it came down and hit me right in the nose. At first it just kind of stung and I didn’t think anything about it. Then a few seconds later I looked down and when I did blood came rushing out everywhere. I would go on to hit my nose and bleed everywhere again at warm up for a contest. My nose doesn’t “nose” to stay out of the way! Hahahahaha! (Husband note: I assure you, she laughed for 20 minutes when she wrote that joke.)
  4. I grew up with the name Rosie. Most of my friends now don’t know me by that name and if I ever hear someone call me that, then I know it’s someone from back home. The story my mom tells is that they couldn’t agree on what to call me, Cynthia or Rosannia (my middle name), so they chose to call me Rosie. When I graduated high school and was headed to college I wanted a more professional sounding name and honestly was just tired of having to correct people who saw my real name on paper. So I chose to go by my first name of Cynthia.
  5. I eat so many bananas! I mean I seriously eat anywhere from 5-10 bananas a day. Here’s a small break down. One banana at breakfast around 5:45am. Three bananas for a snack after my 9am pumping session. Then once home from work I will usually eat anywhere between 2-4 bananas as snacks from about 4pm until I go to bed at 10pm. They are an easy snack to grab and eat on the go and I tend to use them a lot in things like my pancakes, oatmeal, etc. (Husband note: I hardly ever get to eat bananas because Curious George over here eats them all before I have a chance to get any.)
  6. I played baseball/softball from the age of 3 to 18. I absolutely loved playing ball every summer! It is truly one of my fondest memories from my childhood and is one I can’t wait for my children to experience. (Husband note: She swings a putter playing putt-putt with the same intensity as she does when swinging at a softball with a bat. Needless to say its terrifying to play putt-putt with her.)
  7. I love every thing that has anything to do with budgeting, saving money, and/or organizing. I am not sure why but all of these things bring me such comfort and actually relaxes me. I love to sit down and do random budgets for fun. I know, strange, right? (Husband note: I get brownie points for “letting” her handle the family finances….)
  8. I am an extremely shy person when I first meet people. It tends to take me a while to warm up. I will just sit back and observe people until I feel comfortable enough to engage with them. I’m not that great at small talk, which tends to enable my shyness when I meet people for the first time.
  9. I am obsessed with Target. Ok most of you might already know this, especially my husband, but I love Target. I don’t really even spend a ton of money there, but I love to go walk around and look at stuff. The $5 and under section is the best! (Husband note: I’ve spent countless hours accompanying my wife to Target and I think I may have bought something like twice. When her love of Target and her love of saving money meet, it means I don’t get to buy a 6 pack after spending 2 hours looking at baby stuff that we didn’t end up purchasing.)
  10. I’m not very good at it, but I actually love to sing! I tend to walk around the house singing made up songs about what I am doing at the time. The baby is always entertained, while my husband looks at me with funny expressions. It just brings me joy to sing. (Husband note: She could make a double-album with just the songs she’s made about eating bananas and cooking oatmeal.)

I hope you guys have enjoyed learning a few more things about myself and maybe it brought some joy and laughter into your day. Comment below with something about yourself that others and I might not know about you.

Baby Dust To All,


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