How We Met

Hey Friends! Today is May 7, 2018 and I am super excited to write today’s blog. Phillip and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary on the 14th of this month so I thought it would be a great time to write out the story of how we met each other. Keep reading below to hear all about how we started this amazing journey.

The year was 2014. I had just turned 23 years old and Phillip would be turning 27 years old later that year. Before we knew each other we had both joined an online dating website called eHarmony. We both joined for pretty much the same reasons. Neither one of us was the meet-someone-at-a-bar type person. We both were pretty shy to meeting people and it just wasn’t our thing. I originally joined the site after some peer pressure from my friends. I mainly joined to get them to leave me alone. Boy am I thankful I did! I used to be so embarrassed about the fact that I was on a dating website. Now looking back I’m so indifferent to how I met Phillip and am just so happy that I did.

So we eventually messaged each other on the website and actually talked for a bit at first. Then we just kind of mutually stopped messaging each other at around the same time. Later on in our relationship we would end up finding out that this is because we both met other people in our lives and wanted to pursue those relationships. About a month or so later I had ended the relationship that I had started and was back on the website looking around and reading profiles when I thought about Phillip. So I figured I would just shoot him a message. Why not? I am such an awkward person in social situations and this showed when I litterly sent him a message that said “long time no talk!” after months of us not talking. Insert face palm emoji. Thankfully Phillip has the same awkwardness as me and would later tell me that he thought that was a pretty amazing message to send.

After I sent that message, it didn’t take long for him to reply. We started messaging back and forth trying to get to know one another. First how amazing is Gods timing!? We both happened to end those previous relationships at the same time. It blows my mind some times to think about how close we were to never meeting one another. How close we were to never having this beautiful life we have now.

One of the first things we messaged about was the fact that I am vegan. I just love how straight forward we are. I messaged him “I’m vegan. Does that bother you?” and he said “No. I’m not vegan. Does that bother you?” to which I replied “no.” This was the start of a beautiful relationship where we differ on such a major issue, but we still have such respect for one another.

A short time later, maybe a few days, Phillip asked me out on our first date. I knew he was someone that I wanted to keep around when he messaged me asking me on a date to a local vegan restaurant. It truly swept me off my feet that this person, whom from my knowledge had no experience with veganism, was willing to go eat vegan with me because he knew that I would be more comfortable there. Major brownie points for Phillip on that one! So we agreed to meet at a vegan restaurant here in town called Wild Cow. It was June of 2014.

So at this point I had been on several dates with people from the website and the dates always were just awful. I was so worried this would be the same thing. Boy was I wrong! Here walked up this handsome man and I thought “surely this isn’t him.” It was! We went inside to enjoy our first date and I was such a nervous wreck. I usually am when meeting new people though. About halfway through our date I remember going to use the restroom and texting the girls talking about how handsome he was and how great our conversation was going.

We ended the date and said goodbye to each other outside and went on our way. The next day I remember wanting to text him, but was told that it would be too fast and that I should wait. Well I like to beat to my own drum and I just text him anyways. To this day he talks about how thankful he is that I originally reached out to him after we had stopped talking and that I texted him the day after our date. It took a lot of the pressure off.

I am so thankful for this crazy way that Phillip and I met. I use to think online dating was for “weird” people and that it could never really work out. To this day I will be eternally thankful to that website for bringing together me and my amazing husband. We would have never met otherwise and that thought blows my mind. Some times God works in mysterious ways and in manners you never thought possible.

Mushy stuff ahead. Beware.

Happy Wedding Anniversary to my amazing husband Phillip! I have never met someone like you in my entire life. There is no one else who can make me laugh as much as you do. You brighten every single day of my life with your sense of humor. Our home will always be filled with laughter because of you. I love how spontaneous you are! It keeps our life full of surprises and makes everyday so much fun. The way you treat me is truly amazing. 4 years of being together (2 married) and you still open my car door for me every time we get in the car. Your support in everything I do helps to build me up. Every single day you tell me how beautiful I am and it truly builds my confidence daily. You never shy away from letting me lean on you on the hard days and you always have an open heart and ear to lend when needed. You are such a blessing in my life and I can’t thank God enough for granting me the ability to be your partner. I love you so much sweetie! Happy early Anniversary. May we have another 80 years together! (well lets be honest. I will live another 80 because well I’m vegan. You on the other hand….)

Baby Dust To All,


A photo from the day we became official. July 4, 2014


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