Baby It’s Raining!

Hey friends! Today is Monday October 23, 2017. Today’s blog is going to be all about my amazing baby shower I had yesterday to celebrate our Penelope Rose. What games did we play, how did we decorate, what does a vegan momma eat at her shower, etc. Let’s find out!

So first off I have to say a huge thank you to the four ladies who made this shower possible. I had the honor of having my shower hosted by my mom Cindy, my cousin Nicole, one of my very best friends Kayla, and my mother-in-law Atoya. These ladies each in their own way made this day so special for me and I really couldn’t imagine anyone better for the job. Thank you ladies!!!!

The shower was hosted at my in-laws’ home here in Franklin, Tennessee. They were so gracious to open up their home for this special day. The shower itself didn’t have a theme and wasn’t centered around one certain item or character. This is absolutely perfect for me. The “theme” was basically just natural colors with hits of greenery. Anyone who knows me will know that my favorite color is green. The shower also fit perfect with what I have in mind for Penelope’s nursery. Her nursery will be tons of greenery and natural earthy tones.

When you first walked in the door we had a cute chalk board sign set up that said “Welcome to Cynthia’s Baby Shower” with some greenery around it. It was super cute! If you went to the right when you first walked in we had two tables set up in the formal living room. All our tables were covered with a cream table cloth and was decorated with hints of green leaves. Kayla was in charge of the decorating and I think she did a wonderful job! The first table had our guest book on it. The guest book was a hand drawn picture by Kayla of a beautiful tree with Penelope’s initials in it. Everyone then made “leaves” with their fingerprints dipped in green paint and signed their name. We plan on getting this framed and put in Penelope’s room so that she is reminded daily just how loved she is. Next on the table we had two of our three games. I’m not a huge baby shower game person so I wanted these to be very minimal and the girls did a great job at that. The first game was one where you guessed how many vegan candies were in the jar. The second game was one where you answered questions to see who knew mom (me) best. The prizes for these games were gift cards to Starbucks. Who doesn’t love a free cup of coffee?!

The second table was designated for the diaper raffle. If you have never played this game, then it is a must. It’s a great way to get a head start on your diaper stash. The way we did it is when we sent out the invites we included a little card in there about the diaper raffle. It explained that if you were to bring a pack of diapers (we specified the two brands we wanted), any size and amount, then you would be put into a drawing for a prize. I chose for this prize a $40 gift card to Target. We ended up with a large amount of diapers and wipes. You really can never have too many of those!

On the other side of the house was my favorite part of the shower. If you would have turned left when you walked in the front door then you would have entered into the formal dining room. In there we set up a headband making station. This project was Kayla’s baby and she really did an amazing job on it! There were different size bands that you could choose from and a ton of bows that attach to the bands. Everyone was able to create a custom head band for Penelope. This station was a huge hit! I loved it!

The kitchen was where all the food was. This was my cousin Nicole’s area. Let me tell you guys about how amazing she is at baking. Nicole is by no means a vegan eater, but this lady makes some of the best vegan desserts and food that I have ever had! She is the person I call on when I need vegan food for an event. My shower yesterday was from 2-4pm so I knew that most people had probably already ate by this time. So we decided to just do finger foods for the normal food stuff and then do a big dessert bar. Everything at the shower of course was fully vegan since I am vegan. The main food items we had were White Bean and Avocado Pinwheels, a veggie tray with hummus, fruit bowls with this amazing coconut fruit dip that Nicole made, and pasta salad. For drinks we had lemon water, apple cider, and sweet tea. On the dessert bar we had chocolate and vanilla cupcakes and chocolate chip cookies that were provided by Whole Foods, banana and apple bread, mini pumpkin muffins, and scones. We also had a cheese platter. Yes it was vegan! I used Treeline vegan cheese with some olives, nuts, grapes, and rice crackers. All the food was truly amazing!!

Lastly Penelope and I were surrounded by tons of people in our lives that love and support this sweet baby already. I really couldn’t imagine a better group of ladies to have there on this special day of celebrating Penelope.

I hope one day you will see just how much love you already have before you were even born. Yesterday mommy felt so much love and support from the amazing ladies at this shower. You are going to have some great people to look up to and lots of friends when you arrive. I hope you enjoyed this special day as much as I did. We really can’t wait to meet you and show you just how much we love you.

Again I want to thank the ladies who made this special day possible for me. Mom, thank you for handling the invites and RSVP’s and managing all of this. You are truly my hero! Kayla, thank you for handling the decorations and creating beautiful items that she will cherish for years to come. Nicole, thank you for providing the amazing food that I will use to fatten Penelope up with over the next few weeks. Atoya, thank you for opening up your home to us for this special day.

Thank you to every person who came to the shower to celebrate this sweet miracle baby of ours. It’s moments like these where I am reminded just how loved we are and just how amazing the people in our lives are. Phillip, Penelope, and I are a very blessed family.

Baby Dust To All,

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