Our First Ultrasound

In today’s blog post I will be going back and talking about our very first ultrasound. What was that like? How was I feeling? Did it go as expected? Then there will of course be some photos at the end from this ultrasound.

The day is May 24th, 2017: the day of our very first ultrasound. We were both terrified, but trying to hide it for the sake of the other. At this point our emotions were all over the place. In a matter of weeks we had gone from thinking that we wouldn’t be parents this year to all of a sudden becoming parents. We were also so very scared of miscarriage at this point. So as we sat in the waiting room, waiting for this very scary and exciting moment, we took shelter in each other. I can’t explain to you guys just how amazing my husband is. There have been moments in our lives together where we have been tested the most. Moments where most relationships would fail. Between cancer, surgeries, and infertility one would think that we would have given up a long time ago. This amazing person though that I have chosen to spend my life with is the strongest person that I have ever met. In this moment of sitting in the waiting room for what seemed like a million years, he was my rock. Like many times before through all our other scary moments, he reassured me that everything was going to be alright. It wasn’t something he was saying just to make me feel better, but something he really believed. This really helped me in moments like these.

So we finally get called back to take a look for the very first time at our sweet baby. I was 9 weeks pregnant and 2 days. The ultrasound lady helps me get all set up and informs me that I will be having an internal ultrasound. Once we get everything set up and start, slowly the black on the screen starts to change. All of the sudden this little bean appears on the screen. There is our baby! My husband starts crying and I am just in shock. When I get put in situations where I should probably cry, I don’t. I’m not sure why, but I tend to push those tears down until I am alone or until it’s just Phillip and I. I ask if we can hear the heart beat and the technician informs me that we can not. It was to early. This really upset me, but I understood and tried not to let it get me down. She did however say that she would measure it and let me know the babies heart rate. It was 170bpm. This would lead every person on my side of the family to say that the baby is a girl. Oh the many old wives tales. We also were able to get a small video of the baby moving. It was such an amazing experience!

After leaving the appointment I remember being relieved. We had made it to this point and I couldn’t be happier. As the next several weeks would unfold I would go through several different emotions, but for now I was very happy to know that I was pregnant and the baby was doing ok.

Baby Dust To All,


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