How Did I Tell Phillip I Was Pregnant?

Hey Friends,
So the last few blogs have been pretty heavy and I thought it was time for a funny one. This is the story of how I chose to tell my husband I was pregnant after a year and a half of trying, and how he reacted to it in nothing less then true Phillip fashion.

I finally decided on the perfect way to tell my husband that he was going to be a dad, with a book and candy. These are two of my husband’s favorite things. I went to Target after I got off work the day I found out I was pregnant. I bought a book called Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA by Jimmy Fallon. I decided to wrap it in tissue paper and put it in the bottom of a gift bag and then fill the rest of the bag with candy. For those of you who do not know my husband, he loves food of any kind and especially treats. So I knew this was the way to his heart. Little did I know that he would be so distracted by the candy that he wouldn’t even care about the book or get what was going on.

So the day is April 27, 2017. Phillip and I had decided the night before to defrost our wedding cake topper from when we got married the year before. All our friends had told us it would be super gross so we decided we would go ahead and try it and not wait until our actual wedding anniversary. We were both excited for me to get home that night from work for us to be able to try it.

I came home from work that night and when I walked in the door I asked him to close his eyes. I told him that I got him an anniversary gift and decided that since we were going to eat our cake topper tonight that he could have his gift early. I thought this would be the perfect disguise. So I got the camera all set up and took my seat at our kitchen table. I told him he could open his eyes and come to the table. Once he was sitting across from me at the table I sat the bag in front of him and said “If I’m going to get fat, then you are too”. This of course went right over his head. He thought this was in reference to eating our wedding cake topper. My husband doesn’t pick up on small cues. He grabbed the bag and dumped it upside down on the table. First of course there was a ton of candy that fell out all over the table. Phillip immediately got super excited about all the candy. Then the book fell out. He picked up the book, took one look at it, laughed, said “that’s cute”, and threw the book to the side. He then continued to be super excited about the candy. I should have known not to include food when I was trying to get him to understand something. Finally I said “Do you get it? What the book is?”. He picked it up and read the title (he read the word Dada wrong by the way). He then repeated “Dada” and it started to sink in. He looked up slowly at me in disbelief. I then said “I’m pregnant”. He covered his mouth in shock, then said “seriously?”. I replied “Yes. I took three tests today!”.

Baby Dust To All,


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